What are your booking slots?
We offer two bookings slots a day, day booking 10 am to 6 pm or the evening booking 7 pm onwards.


Can we start our day booking after 10 am?
Yes, the morning booking may start at any time you like, as long as the booking ends at 6 pm.


Can we start the evening booking after 7 pm?
Yes, you may star the evening booking at any time. The venue stays open until 2 am.


What time does the open bar start?
The client decides what time to open the open bar. Totally up to you!


What happens in case of rain?
The terrace has a new enclosed space, also featuring outdoor heaters to keep you nice and toasty on those cold winter nights. You may also choose to host your function in our clubhouse which is fully equipped to host your event perfectly. 


What is the minimum number of guests to book?
We have a minimum of 25 adults during the weekend and 20adults during the week.


Will there be any more people during our booking?
No, the area you choose, be it the terrace or the clubhouse will be exclusively open just for you and your guests. 


Do kids pay full price?
No, there are special prices for different age groups. Kindly contact us for more details.


Do pregnant guests pay full price when choosing a package with an open bar?
No, there are special prices for pregnant guests. Kindly contact us for more details.


Do you cater to guests who are lactose or gluten intolerant?
Yes, we do! We also cater to guests who are vegetarian or vegan. 


Can we customize any package?
Yes, every package is customizable! Kindly get in touch with us via email or through our Facebook page and let us know what you would like to change.


Can we choose the 'Baby Shower Package' for a hens party?
Yes, our package names are guidelines. You are not restricted. You may choose any package you like. 

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